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In the treatment of transient, situational and chronic insomnia.

In the case of situational transient insomnia, such as in shift workers, short-term treatment (3-7 days) with Zopiclone at the recommended dosage will be sufficient to re-establish normal sleep.

In insomnia secondary to psychiatric disorders including difficulty in falling asleep, nocturnal awakenings, and early wakening.

Insomnia caused by more persisting life stress or psychological distress can demand longer treatment with Zopiclone than for situational – transient insomnia. However patients need to be periodically assessed for their insomnia and treatment should not be prolonged if not necessary.


A benzodiazepine with pharmacologic actions similar to those of diazepam that can cause anterograde amnesia. Some reports indicate that it is used as a date rape drug and suggest that it may precipitate violent behavior. The United States Government has banned the importation of this drug. [PubChem]



Short-term management of insomnia

Adult: 0.5-1 mg at night. Max: 2 mg daily.

Elderly: Initial dose: 0.5 mg at night; up to 1 mg, if necessary.


Premedication in surgery

Adult: 1-2 mg (15-30 mcg/kg) as a single dose. May also be given via IM inj.


Induction of anaesthesia

Adult: 1-2 mg (15-30 mcg/kg) via slow inj.



Flunitrazepam Cevallos potentiates medicine used in anaesthetics such as centrally acting analgesics, sedatives and neuroleptics.


The side-effects most commonly encountered are drowsiness and oversedation. Less frequently occurring side-effects are depression of mood, disorientation or confusion, lethargy and ataxia. Other side-effects observed include dizziness, vertigo, light-headedness, headache, confusion, mental depression, slurred speech or dysarthria, changes in libido, ataxia, tremor, blurred vision, urinary retention or incontinence, gastro-intestinal disturbances, charges in salivation, jaundice and blood disorders. Flunitrazepam can cause amnesia and may produce paradoxical excitation, respiratory depression and hypotension may occur with high dosage.

Flunitrazepam Cevallos may affect the central control of endocrine function by an action on the hypothalamus or anterior pituitary. Endocrine symptoms occurring in long-term users include menstrual irregularities, premenstrual tension, breast engorgement, gynaecomastia and galactorrhoea.

On being awakened from deep sleep, a patient may not recall some events which occur during the awakening period.



Contra-indicated in children, pregnancy and lactation.

Patients with a known sensitivity to Flunitrazepam or other benzodiazepines.

Pre-existing central nervous system depression or coma.

Psychotic patients, and those suffering from mental depression or suicidal tendencies, unless there is a marked component of anxiety in their illness.

Patients with acute closed-angle glaucoma and myasthenia.

Severe chronic hypercapnia.

Flunitrazepam Cevallos

Acute porphyria.

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