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What is Rohypnol yellow pill?

Rohypnol yellow pill

The pill is similar in shape, size and color to aspirin. Rohypnol yellow pill is a small white tablet that is
single or cross-scored on one side and has the word “Roche” on the other side. It also has a
circled numeral 1 or 2 on it. Drug street names change all the time, but it is often known as:
“roofies”, “rophies“, “roche”, “rope”, “R2”, and “Trip-and-Fall”.
• Rohypnol dissolves easily in juice, coffee,
carbonated and alcoholic beverages. It is colorless,
odorless, and tasteless when dissolved in any liquid.
• The effects of this drug are enhanced when mixed
with alcohol — causing sedation, loss of inhibitions,
relaxation, blackouts and amnesia. It can also cause
respiratory depression, coma and even death.
• The drug takes effect after about 20 to 30 minutes and

effects may last as long as 8 to 12 hours. When combined with alcohol, Rohypnol causes
severe disorientation and the classic “blackouts” that it is known for. Blackout periods are
typically 8 to 12 hours long. The victim may or may not appear “awake” during this time.
• This drug is especially dangerous because it is so inexpensive. One tablet can cost
anywhere from $1 to $5 U.S. dollars. The drug’s amnesiac effects usually leave the victim
with little or no memory of any assault.
Signs and Symptoms of Use
• Rohypnol can cause quick intoxication, bloodshot eyes, drowsiness, dizziness,
disorientation, impaired judgment, memory loss, simultaneous hot and cold flashes,
nausea, and difficulty in speaking and moving.
You May Have Been Drugged If…
• You feel a lot more intoxicated than your usual response to the amount of alcohol you
consumed. Or you feel intoxicated and you had NO alcohol, but did drink something.
• You wake up feeling confused, experiencing memory lapse and cannot account for a
period of time.
• You wake up in a hotel room or stranger’s apartment or home.
• You took a drink but can’t remember what happened to you after you drank it. You feel
that someone had sex with you, but you can’t remember any or all of the incident.
If It Happens To You…
• Tell someone you trust.
• Get medical attention as soon as possible.
• Try to collect a urine sample in a clean container during the first 24 hours after the
assault. (This may be your only evidence linking the drug to the crime — as the drug will
show up in your urine.)
• Don’t destroy any of the evidence by showering or washing.
• Report the incident to the police, your local rape crisis center, or the hospital emergency
• Talk to a counselor for support. Your emotional and physical health is important.
• Believe in yourself. No one invites, causes or deserves to be sexually assaulted. What
happened to you is a criminal offense. You are not to blame!

More Info
• rohypnol yellow pill is not legally available in the United States or Canada. It is manufactured in
Mexico and is available by prescription in over 60 countries.
• It is difficult to predict the effects of any drug on an individual, as it will vary depending on
the dosage, on whether alcohol was involved, your own body’s metabolism, and how soon
you receive medical assistance.
• Many women raped under the influence of the drug are unsure whether or not they were
raped, because they have no memory of the event.
• Sexual violence is often linked with substance abuse and anyone’s best defense is
News about rohypnol yellow pill
There is good news about rohypnol yellow pill. Its manufacturer recently changed the drug to make it
more detectable. When put into a light-colored drink, new Rohypnol will now turn the beverage
bright blue! Consumers of dark colored beverages (like Coca-Cola) should notice a cloudy
appearance. The drug will also dissolve more slowly and form chunky pieces in your drink. Keep
in mind, however, that it may take some time for this new rohypnol yellow pill to hit the streets.

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